"1 of the 5 top things to do"

Really thankful this week as The Bristol Magazine has included that 'browsing' my site as one of their top things to do in December. I am really pleased with how the website looks. When I first decided to start an online shop it was really challenging to find out how to make it work. The technical side of investigating and learning new applications is really time consuming and there is so much conflicting advice out there. I am so glad that I followed the advice of my step sons fiancé Emma, as she said that Shopify was the best option. She was right, despite the initial  bombardment of new language and trying to understand how e-commerce works I have found it really interesting. I have learnt so much. Since working in Graphics a few years a go - marketing strategies and social media have grown so much. I have had a lot to get my head around, but it is working. I am learning more every day. I think it is funny that my old A Level students are following my work and they find it hilarious that I am joining them in the world of Facebook and Instagram. Many of them are forging their way in the creative industry and I am sharing a fun journey of discovery with them. It's weird to think that I taught them Photography and introduced them to Photoshop and now they are working in film, fashion, graphics and so many have set up their own businesses. Feeling proud that even during these difficult times that they are being resilient and proving that the UK creative industry is as strong as ever. They are great role models for younger creatives and the slighter older ones like me! 

Take care

Tracey x